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would it be possible to upgrade a phones camera sensor?

i tried doing some research, (and in the biginning) there was no succes, but i found an wikipedia page with some specs of sony camera sensors..

so i was curious if i could replace the sony IMX179 sensor in the moto g 2014 (that i currently own) with the Sony IMX 234 sensor from the lg g4.. so on the wikipedia page


i searched (using f3) for both camera sensors, and i found that the camera output is the same for buth, and this COULD mean that both of the sensores have the same conector... the only problem is, i have a moto g to test it on, but i dont want to have it go to waste if i mess it up..

so would this be possible?

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I have the same phone and i woud like to know what happend in the end

is it posible?

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i havent gotten a clear answer, but what ive found out that if you have the right sensor youll be fine.. but there to little info on this.. id love for ifixit headquarters to test it out.. but well have to get the attention.. maybee jerryrigeverything could help..


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