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Mensagem original de: grindfi ,


would it be possible to upgrade a phones camera sensor?


i tried doing some research, (and in the biginning) there was no succes, but i found an wikipedia page with some specs of sony camera sensors..

so i was curious if i could replace the sony IMX179 sensor in the moto g 2014 (that i currently own) with the Sony IMX 234 sensor from the lg g4.. so on the wikipedia page

i searched (using f3) for both camera sensors, and i found that the camera output is the same for buth, and this COULD mean that both of the sensores have the same conector... the only problem is, i have a moto g to test it on, but i dont want to have it go to waste if i mess it up..

so would this be possible?


Motorola Moto G 2nd gen. 2014