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Repair guides and support for all-in-one washer and dryer assemblies as well as stacked units.

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Why does my GE washer/dryer agitator not work all the time

model of combo is wsm2420doww when we start to wash a load clothes machine fills with water and starts to agitator for less than a minute than stops working everything else works fine rise cycle drains and spins ok smell no smoke like belt is slipping if it has belt it will agitator in the rise cycle thought it may be timer but do not want to spend well over hundred dollars if that is not the problem any help would be appreciated thanks rick

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ricktrains, the WSM2420DWW does use a drive belt. I would most certainly check to see if the agitator and the drum can be rotated without a load in it. It is possible that you may have a bearing or transmission issue with your washer.

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