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screen backlight not working on MacBook Pro

One day my screen started flickering then it went black. I thought the lcd / led screen was dead but on further investigation (shining a light through the apple logo) I found that the screen is working fine its the backlight. Now I can not find a clear fix for this. Could I just buy a new screen and all will be well or is it something else I need to look at


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Hello ! Ifixit I got this problem when my macbook pro drop with open screen :( when I open it open with sound as normal but screen light a little bit like black !! so how to fix this ? do i have to change screen? sorry for my bad English :(


When I switch on my MacBook Pro it gives light but soon the light goes off. I thought it was low battery. But, I discovered the system is on when I light by using external light (torch) when I put a password to login as well as normal but if you remove external light you don’t see anything on the screen.

Can any one can help me with this. Please!


Back light not working. Bad screen had indeed a bad cable. Purchased new screen from iFixIt which seemed to be in order. Replaced screen but sadly didn't solve the problem. Now I can see something, but at the lowest brightness possible and brightness buttons don't do anything. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.


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Your system uses LED's for the backlight system. On your main logic board is a driver chip (WLED) which likely blew.

Here's a simular question: Location of the WLED driver.

You may want to also review the IFIXIT teardown for your system: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2010 Teardown.

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Do not forget to check your backlight fuse.

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Where is it?


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To know if it’s the backlight you can hold a flash light up to the logo on the backside of the screen if you see a faint image of your desktop icons then you know its the backlight or not.

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If you can see the image, does that mean it is your backlight problem?


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rossmann group is youtubes best diy mac repair

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Here’s some images of WLED and backlight fuse locations:

Other answers:

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