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Water Damage Repair + Diagnosis

So, last week, I dumped a ton of water on my laptop and within seconds it shutoff. Now it's dry and doesn't boot/power on at all and it doesn't get power from an AC adapter (the light on the magsafe adapter doesn't light up).

I'm trying to take apart and repair this computer for fun. I opened up the back and thought I saw some damage, it would be great if someone else could take a look.

Block Image

(Picture 1) Back-side of the motherboard: Does that white stuff look like corrosion?

Block Image

(Picture 2) Magsafe/i-o board: Does it look burnt/damaged? And if I replaced just that could I be maybe able to get the AC power working?


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Robert Graeber, image one definitely shows corrosion. Clean it with a distilled water/baking soda mix and a soft brush. Then rinse the whole board with Distilled water followed by 90%+ isopropyl alcohol. Image 2 is a bit hard to determine, it does look like it took "a hit" turn it over and check the components. Yes, it is possible that a replacement will fix it. Keep on mind that the two components showing corrosion, are N-Power Mos Fet's and are part of the "PBus Supply & Battery Charger" circuit, so all of this could be very well interconnected. Hope this helps, good luck.

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