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The Motorola Atrix 4G is dual-core Android-powered phone by Motorola. Model Number: MB860.

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No backlight due to water

cleaned th phone with wet cloths and then cleaned with isopropyl (Rubbing alcohol ) which goes inside and visible through the screen . alchohol is bad conductor of electricity . i put the battery inside and charged also . worked for 30 minutes but after removing charger it was working suddenly .it start blinking and back light went off. The icon s are visible(DIM ) at some angle with external light . Phone is working , touch screen is working .So what i have to replace or it will be OK just by cleaning .

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sandy, rice is only good as a first aid. It will not remove all the water and moisture, nor will it prevent corrosion. I suggest you clean your phone once more. Disassemble every part off it and soak it in 90%+ isopropyl alcohol. Clean all the parts with a soft brush, including the logicboard and all cable connectors. Check for burned, missing components. You definitely want to replace the battery. After that, reassemble and re-evaluate. If you still do not have a backlight,replace the display assembly. I can not stress the cleaning enough. If you o not do that, your phone will eventually fail due to corrosion damage. The same goes for the battery. Once a battery has been exposed, you do need to replace it. Hope this helps, good luck.

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please use small plastic with RICE and put the phone by 24 hours. The rice will be absorb the humidity. However this is a 98% from can be work. If after you did the problem remain , the backlight is faulty.

God bless you

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