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24" display; Built-in iSight Camera, Microphone, and Speakers; 1920x1200 resolution. Released October 2008, identified by model number A1267.

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The Screen looks dirty on the inside

I have a Apple Cinema LED display and it looks dirty on the inside of the screen. I lifted the glass and could not see anything on the LED display. I refrained from further disassembly since I could not find online manuals or posts that related to my problem.

I'm posting some pics. Any suggestions?


Block Image

Block Image

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Backlight panel or the back of the LCD panel is contaminated by moisture or dust. Notorious problem for LED backlight iMacs or cinema displays. Many customers in china actually protested to apple. Which is definitely on the news because protests are rare in china. for some reason....

You have to actually take apart the LCD assembly to clean it, which is an extremely difficult job. If you still have warranty, take it back to apple, they will replace the LCD assembly.

If you really decide to do the repair yourself. Prepare some extra aluminum foil tape and foam tape to try to seal it better when putting it back together. Also do not screw the LCD frame too tight, which can actually cause the frame to bend and allow leaks

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I believe moisture could be it since the weather in my country can reach pretty high humidity levels and the display was placed near a AC, thus cold air would always hit it.

No warranty here, it was bought about 3 or 4 years ago. Do you have any links or pictures on steps to disassembly of the LCD? Do you recommend any liquid cleaner or substance?

Thanks for your help!


Repair guides can be hard to find. I've only seen guides for iMac but the general idea is the same. Remove the LCD assembly from the housing, remove the fixture tapes and side frames from the assembly, lift the panel and clean it. It seems that soft cloth is enough to clean the panels. Be aware of additional dust when wiping the panels and wipe gently, you may scarch the panel in the process if not careful enough. Make sure you seal the assembly well to prevent further dust.

It IS a very difficult repair, the assembly is very heavy, maybe more than 2/3 of the unit's total weight, and it is a fragile piece of art. Several cables and sensors attach to the back side of the panel. You can easily damage them when lifting the LCD. There are many clips locking the frame. Quite tricky to remove. And at last the LCD driver board is connected to the panel by several ribbon cables. You must not tear any one of them or the entire unit is totaled. In conclusion, very challenging to do so.


Here is the story of cleaning an iMac. It's in Chinese and more like a blog rather than a guide. But still worth looking

Also I've seen theories that the dust is actually solvents in the adhesive or other plastic parts vaporizing under heat and form dust particles that accumulate on the panels. Could be a manufacturing defect, since virtually all problem displays are from LG


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Angela Penaherrera, looks like your monitor is suffering from "clouding." That is where the lighting "leaks" to the visible portion of the screen, causing uneven blacks. This manifests itself with uneven brightness in normal pictures. This is sometimes remedied by applying some manual pressure with a lint free cloth and push from the inside to the outside of the frame. There is really not a whole lot you can do, except to attempt to disassemble the whole panel and to check\replace the diffuser. That may fix it, otherwise you are looking toward buying a new panel.

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