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Inspiron 14z, a 14-incher with a slimmed-down aluminum body, available in a surprisingly staid color palette. For 2012, Dell had updated the 14-inch Inspiron 14z with Intel's 3rd Generation Core Series processor and a brand new design that's thin and light enough to make the system an Ultrabook.

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Having problem With mother board

i have inspiron 14z(1470) .it not start up. when i concern with tech people they told me just change your mother board . but it too cost, even i change the mother board , they told me it also run few months means 6 to 12 months. what should i do please suggest me .

And it`s service tag is :HVQG6P1

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Have you checked to make sure that you have power to the computer? Check your AC adapter, and your dc jack. What have you tried and what did the tech people do?


They are simply saying it is chip level problem , &it is not resolve & just only one chance, is to change the motherboard.


Check the AC adapter with a multimeter, see what the voltage is. After that check the voltage on the AC adapter. Are these "tech people" Dell people? what about warranty? Have you checked with Dell yet? the proper service manual can be downloaded [http://|right here]


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You can always try a reflow to save it long term but be aware there is a very real risk of doing further damage to the motherboard, but if you’re okay with it failing again and again and just want to run it longer, it can help extend the life of a dying motherboard at most. What this does is reflows the solder joints on the board, it doesn’t fix the core issue the GPU flip chip balls failed. You’re usually better off pulling the hard drive when the GPU fails and letting it go for parts.

If you care about the computer or it's critical then don't try this. It's temporary to start, and it risks further damage. Since it's dead, you might as well try and see what goes on with it.

While most techs don't recommend this (myself included!) I don't mind mentioning it as a last resort fix for things like recovering files from a Bitlocker drive or just to bide a little more time but the laptop or GPU needs to be replaced ASAP! That said a lot of “refurbished” boards tend to have the same issue but were baked so you’re just not paying someone up the nose to sell you a baked board which won’t last if you do bake it at least. THIS IS NOT A PROPER FIX, PROFESSIONALS. These boards will keep dying once baked!!!

Here is your service manual for the computer. While that's not for the 14z, they're basically the same.

Look at the manual to gut the laptop. Remove EVERYTHING from the computer. Yes, this includes the stickers and labels off the board.

After doing this, preheat your oven at 400 degrees for 5 minutes. While you do that, put your motherboard on a cookie sheet you don't mind never using for food again with something to keep it up — anything stable is fine. The board needs to go chip side up since that's the side you want to reflow.

Put some liquid flux under the GPU(if there) and southbride. Only use enough so it flows under the chip. This will help the reflow life out quite a bit but you need a “no clean” flux or an ultrasonic cleaner (both preferred).

When the oven is warm, put the board in for 5 minutes. Set a timer and don't let it sit.

When the board is done, remove it carefully and let it cool for 2-3 hours or longer. You can tell if it's cool by the solder being solid and not molten. If you bump the board while the solder is molen it’s trash. When it's cool use good thermal paste on the CPU and copper shim the GPU to keep the temps down further. After you do this, plug the fan in and reverse disassembly. Run it until it dies and look for a new laptop in the meantime — again this will not last.

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