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Device repair information for the 1080p 60" Projection TV by Mitsubishi with model number WD-60737.

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How do I fix white dots covering 50% of my screen?

I'm trying to fix white dots covering over 50%, if possible without replacing DLP chip.


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Trace Shults, what you have is a bad DMD chip in the light engine. Apparently this is a common issue with the Mitsu TV series. Only way to repair this, is by replacing the DMD board, which is part of the light engine. Part number for the board is 00.L8811G001 and it is available at places like this. Hope this helps, good luck.

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How much is the chip


The board is around $80. The DMD IC will be a bit hard to source and even harder to replace since it will require a complete reball.


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I've repaired a couple of these tvs. Replacing that DMD chip is the only solution I know for the problem. Fortunately, the hard part of the repair is disassembling the whole mess, overall its an easy job. I do remember on these though that a heat transfer pad likes to break apart on the light engine and you've got to be careful with it but I don't remember where it was specifically. Probably the only one, just be mindful as you work.

I suppose though, TI is probably the manufacturer of the chips. DLP is a TI technology

Whenever I find electronics relegated for the garbage, I can't help myself but to pick them up and repair them. I've picked up 2 of these from curbs headed for the garbage truck, one of which currently sits in my living room as my main tv. They're great tvs after they're repaired. I had to give and buy a new bulb for mine as the picture was dimming beyond what was useful.

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wd 60737 Mitsubishi TV. What other TV's can I get this chip out of to use for mine. Instead buying new chip.??


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I have a VAVA 4K home theatre system that the DLP went out. I can't find a video or instruction on how to replace that particular model. Normally you tube or other How to fix videos assist people in DIY projects. Is there a location I can go to that will show me the step-by-step method on replacing the DLP in the VAVA 4K short throw projector?



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