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Original post by: Bobby ,


I've repaired a couple of these tvs. Replacing that DMD chip is the only solution I know for the problem. Fortunately, the hard part of the repair is disassembling the whole mess, overall its an easy job. I do remember on these though that a heat transfer pad likes to break apart on the light engine and you've got to be careful with it but I don't remember where it was specifically. Probably the only one, just be mindful as you work.

I suppose though, TI is probably the manufacturer of the chips. DLP is a TI technology

Whenever I find electronics relegated for the garbage, I can't help myself but to pick them up and repair them. I've picked up 2 of these from curbs headed for the garbage truck, one of which currently sits in my living room as my main tv. They're great tvs after they're repaired. I had to give and buy a new bulb for mine as  the picture was dimming beyond what was useful.