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The Garmin eTrex Vista-H has a 2.0" x 4.4" x 1.2" body, and a black and white screen with 160 x 288 pixels display resolution screen. It weighs 5.3 oz or 150 g, and requires 2 AA batteries which last up to 18 hours. The device is water proof but does not float.

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I applied 12 V directly to the GPS Garmin etrex Vista H

i applied 12 V DC supply directly to the GPS GarmineTrex Vista H. Now it wont turn on. how do i fix it?

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kiani, disassemble you Garmin ny following this guide. Check the motherboard for any charred, burned or missing components. Right now, my guess would be that there is a SMD fuse that may be burned. Use an ohmmeter to check for continuity.

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I borrowed it from my boss so i dont want to add fuel to the fire by opening it and risking anything else :) do u reckon that the problem maybe more than burning of fuse?


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