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iD95 Will not Turn On

After repeated attempts, my device is unable to turn on.

Device is Off

On the top panel of the iD95, there is an iHome symbol. This is the Alarm Reset / Power / App Button. This button turns the device "On" and "Off." Press the button to see if the front screen turns on. If it has not turned on, refer to the following section.

AC Adapter is Improperly Attached

Sometimes the iD95 power supply is separated or disconnected from the device. To check this problem, make sure the AC adapter plugs into both the wall and the back of your iD95. Attempt to turn on your iD95. If problem persists, keep reading.

Wall Socket is Broken

In some cases, the device may be failing due to a bad wall socket. To test this issue, use the wall socket to power a device that correctly works. If the wall socket does not work, find a different power source to power your device. Otherwise, if the wall socket does work, you may need to buy a new power cable and replace the power cord port on your iD95.

Sound Quality is Low/Poor

The sound quality for my iD95 is weak and distorted.

Volume is Too Low

Use the volume dial on the top left of the iD95 to turn up the volume. Clockwise turning will turn up the volume while counter-clockwise turning will turn down the volume.

Sound is Distorted

Sound distortion is easily noticed with high-power speakers when using MP3 files of poor quality. To fix this problem, try and get your music from a reliable MP3 provider like Spotify or iTunes.

iPad/iPod/iPhone is not Charging

The iD95 is on but it isn't charging my device.

iPad/iPod/iPhone is Docked Improperly

This problem can be caused by a bad device connection. Remove your iPad, iPod, or iPhone from the dock and remove any objects that obstruct a clean connection between the device and the dock. Next, place it back on the dock.

Note: The iD95 does not charge iPod Classic (1G and 2G)

iPad/iPod/iPhone is Locked Up/Frozen

Apple products, like many electrical devices, are susceptible to freezing up. Verify that your device is working properly. If the device is frozen, try restarting the device by turning it "Off" and "On." Refer to the iPad/iPod/iPhone manual for more information.

iPad/iPod/iPhone Adapter is Broken

If your adapter is broken, refer to iHome iD95 iPod Adapter Replacement guide to replace it.

Alarm Does Not Go Off

I set my alarm, but it still doesn't work.

Alarm is not Properly Set

Incorrect alarm settings can cause this problem. In order to verify your alarm settings, follow these steps and use the + and - buttons to adjust the settings. First, press and hold the Alarm 1 or Alarm 2 button until a time flashes. Set it to the appropriate alarm time. Next, press the alarm button previously used to change the day settings for the alarm. Press the alarm button again to set the alarm audio source. (Note: If you set it to iPod/iPad/iPhone, make sure to connect an iPod/iPad/iPhone to the iD95.) Next, press the alarm button to set the volume. Finally, press the alarm button to exit and save the alarm settings.

Alarm Number (1 and 2) is Switched

It is very easy to turn on the wrong alarm. If you are setting your alarm, take note of the alarm (1 or 2) that you set and turn on the alarm (1 or 2) that corresponds to the alarm that you previously set.

Backup Battery is Weak

A bad battery could result in this problem. Test the battery by conducting an alarm test. Set up an alarm three minutes from the current time and unplug the device form the wall socket. Next, wait for the alarm to go off. If the alarm did not work, then battery could be too weak. Replace it with a new CR2450 battery. Refer to the iHome iD95 Backup Battery Replacement to do this.

Backup Battery is Improperly Installed

Improper battery installation will cause the alarm battery to fail. Make sure the battery was installed correctly by opening the battery housing compartment. Use the iHome iD95 Backup Battery Replacement to check to see if the positive (+) side of the battery is facing outwards.

Alarm is Going Off at the Wrong Time

After setting my alarm, the alarm went off at the wrong time.

AM/PM Settings are Wrong

A subtle error occurs when users miss the AM/PM settings for the iD95 alarm feature. If this is the problem, we have good news: the solution is simple!!! When setting the alarm, make sure to use the AM/PM setting for the appropriate time. Use AM for the morning (after midnight till noon) and PM for the evening (from noon till midnight). Make sure that both the clock and the alarm are set to the proper AM/PM setting.

Alarm Schedule Setting is Inaccurate

If your alarm goes off on the wrong day, your alarm settings may have been altered. When setting your alarm, use 7 days for an every-day alarm, Weekends for a Saturday-Sunday alarm, and Weekdays for a Monday-Friday alarm.

Calendar Dates are Incorrect

If your alarm still goes off on the wrong day, your calendar displayed on the screen may be incorrect. (Note: use the + and - buttons to adjust the following settings) To reset the calendar, press and hold the Clock Button. Cycle through the settings until "Autosync On" appears and press the Clock Button. If this doesn't correct your calendar date, proceed to the next step.

Press and hold the Clock Button; toggle through the settings until "Autosync Off" appears. Next, press and release the Clock Button and adjust the time. Adjust the year by pressing and releasing the Clock Button again. Now, press and release the Clock Button to adjust the month and date. Finally, press and release the Clock Button. Two beeps should confirm that your changes have been saved.

This has to be one of the worst fix guides I have ever seen haha! This is all assuming user error. Granted it could very be possible, I am pretty sure most people are not coming to this site without trying everything in their power fixing their own error before automatically assuming system error. Anyways, to get to the point, you're wasting your time on this page. This webpage serves no systematic fixes.

Andrew Sabater - Responder

The problem with device not charging has to do with IOS 10 update. Apple installed a program that detects non apple charging devices; therefore will not work. I hate Apple for their monopoly infringement ways!

Oanh Schlesinger -

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