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Sony Ericsson W350a Troubleshooting

What if my phone doesn't turn on?

* If the phone fails to power up, either the battery of the phone is dead, or the electrical connection between the phone and battery is blocked. First charge the phone with the provided data cable with a common AC/DC power outlet for about 2 hours. If this fails, remove the back cover and battery. Inspect the battery cavity for cleanliness, and remove any dust or debris from the area. See Battery Removal guide.

Removing Sony Ericsson W350a Phone Battery

What if my phone is frozen/unresponsive?

* If your phone freezes, you may choose one of two options to restart your phone. Either you can hold down the end call/power button until the phone shuts down, or you can remove the battery temporarily from the phone. Once the phone is powered off, then you may turn the phone on again.

Removing Sony Ericsson W350a Phone Battery

What if my screen is cracked/broken?

* If the screen is cracked slightly, the phone may still be able to function despite the slight optical scar. If the screen is severely damaged and information is unable to be read, then the screen will need to be replaced. See the "Replacing Screen" guide for more information

Removing Sony Ericsson W350a Screen

What if the speaker does not work?

* If the phone is incapable of making sound, it is deemed defective and should be replaced, or at least cleaned of dust and debris. Consider the "Removing Speaker" guide for this issue.

Removing Sony Ericsson W350a Speaker

What if the phone's keyboard or side buttons do not work?

* If the keyboard or other external control buttons of the phone are not responding, then the phone must be powered down. Then remove the keyboard/ defective buttons and inspect both them and the inside of the phone for any clogging debris. Once the phone and the buttons are clean, make sure all necessary electrical connections are present from the phone to the buttons. For more information, see the "Keyboard/External Controls Repair" guide.

Removing Sony Ericsson W350a Keypad

What if the phone won't charge/ connect to my computer?

* If the phone fails to charge or connect to a computer, the problem most likely lies either in the provided data cable, or the connection between the phone and cable. First, ensure that the cable port of the phone is free of any obstructing dust or dirt. Once the inlet is clean, try charging the phone or connecting it to a computer. If this fails, the cable needs replacing.

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