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CLASSIC2 Won't Turn On

When trying to capture charge or charge another electronic, it won't turn on .

Power Button Was Not Pushed

Press the power button on the device. Make sure that the LED light flashes green when you press the button to ensure the CLASSIC2 has charge.

Battery is Not Charged

If your battery is dead you need to charge it using solar energy or connect it via micro USB to wall socket or a device containing USB port. When charging the power button will shine a red light.

Solar Panels are Not Positioned Correctly

If you are trying to charge it using solar energy, make sure it is in proper position facing the sun. Change the angle of the CLASSIC2 based on the sun's location. If the device is charging, the power button will shine red.

Battery Needs to be Changed

If the CLASSIC2 still doesn't turn on considering the previous solutions, a battery replacement may be necessary. The following link will take you to a replacement guide for a battery change. Solio CLASSIC2 Battery Replacement

Electric Wire Within the Device is Broken

If an electrical wire is damaged, the energy collected by the solar panels won't be stored within the battery. To replace a damage wire, follow the provided link to the wire replacement guide. Solio CLASSIC2 Electric Wire Replacement

The CLASSIC2 Won't Charge Other Devices

Battery is good to go, but devices are not charging.

Power Button was Not Pushed

Press the LED button to see if the green light is flashing when charging the device. The power button is located on the back side of the CLASSIC2.

The USB Cords are Not Connected Correctly

The USB needs to be connected on both devices. The USB connects to the CLASSIC2 and the micro USB needs to connect to the micro USB port of the device needing charge. Make sure the USB is not hanging loosely out of either device.

USB Port is Damaged

It is possible for the USB port to be damaged. If small particles like dirt or gravel get into the port, it can cause for the USB to not be connected inside the port correctly. Debris also cab cause permanent damage in the port. If this happens, the USB port needs to be replaced. The following link will take you to a replacement guide for the USB port. Solio CLASSIC2 USB Port Replacement

LED Light is Not Shining or Flashing

The LED is not shining red when charging and flashing green when charging other devices.

Check All the Connections

Double check to make sure the device is properly set up with all the connections in the correct place. Also check the positioning of the device when charging it using solar energy.

LED Needs to be Replaced

Your device may need to have the LED light replaced. A replacement guide is available on the following link. Solio CLASSIC2 LED Light Replacement

Charging Takes Longer Than Usual

Why is it taking so long to charge?

Solar Panels are Not Correctly Positioned

When using the solar panels, make sure to angle the CLASSIC2 towards the sun for maximum charge. The sun changes position throughout the day so adjust the device according so where the sun is.

Device is Not Fully Plugged into Wall Socket

When using the micro USB, make sure that the wall socket is locked into place before charging the Solio CLASSIC2. A loose socket may result in inconsistent charging. Also make sure the charging cable is fully plugged into the wall socket.

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