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Samsung SCH-A310 Troubleshooting

This page will help you fix and adjust several parts of the hardware for the Samsung SCH-A310 phone. Repairing the phone is not as hard as it may seem and can be done by anyone with the proper tools. This page will first help identify the problem that you may be having with the device, and then will direct you to the correct guides which will help you fix the problem.

Black Screen

There are two screens to this phone, the inside screen and the display on the outside. Either of these can break or malfunction.

Dead/Drained battery

The battery of the phone may not have any power left. Hold down the power button to turn the phone on. If the phone does not turn on, plug it into the charger, wait a couple minutes, and then try turning the phone on again. If nothing comes up on the screen, listen for the start up jingle that the phone plays. If you hear nothing, the battery may be the problem and may need a replacement. If you hear the tune, see the next section for further directions.

Electrical Problem

There may be an electrical problem with the screen and it may need replacing. To replace the inside screen, see Samsung SCH-A310 Inside Screen Replacement. Replace the outside screen with this guide, Samsung SCH-A310 Outside Display Replacement. If the screen was cracked and displays a black screen, read the next section.

Cracked/Scratched Screen

It is very common for the phone to receive damage and often times the screen is broken in some way. If your screen is cracked, follow this step-by-step repair guide, Samsung SCH-A310 Inside Screen Replacement, to take apart the phone and replace replace the inside screen, Samsung SCH-A310 Inside Screen Replacement, or replace the outside screen, Samsung SCH-A310 Outside Display Replacement.

Fuzzy/Unreadable/White Screen

Sometimes the screen can go white or fuzzy, making the screen unreadable and the phone essentially useless.

System Error

It just so happens that the phone can act weird at times and can cause some problems. Press and hold the power button until the phone turns off and the screen goes black. Remove the battery from its place in the back of the phone. Wait about a minute before putting the battery back in the phone. Then press and hold the power button again until the phone turns on. If still nothing happens, the screen may need replacing. See Cracked/Scratched Screen.

Antenna No Longer Retracts into Phone

The antenna can be a pain. It breaks, snaps off, falls out, or bends and leaves you without that increased reception.

Antenna in wrong position

Power off your phone by holding the end call button for a few seconds, and wait for the phone's "powering off" screen. Once the phone is off, remove the battery from the phone. You will notice a little black "straw" on the left side of the battery compartment; this is the housing for the antenna. There is a little plastic nub where the housing is supposed to sit. If it is not resting in this spot, move the housing over to this spot. This should realign the antenna in the correct spot and allow it to retract. If the antenna still does not work properly, read on.

Damaged/Broken Antenna

The antenna could be internally damaged. Follow this step-by-step repair guide, Samsung SCH-A310 Antenna Replacement, to replace the antenna.

Keyboard Malfunction

The keyboard can cause multiple problems for users. Sometimes the keys stick or spilled liquid causes some or all of the keys to stop working.

Sticky Keys

If the keys are simply sticking and wont return to the original unpressed postion, then cleaning the keypad should fix the problem. See the guide on installing the keypad and follow the instructions which allow you to remove the keypad and clean it. Samsung SCH-A310 Keypad Replacement

Broken Keypad

If one or more of the keys is no longer working on the phone, it could be due to either a glitch in the phone or internal damage. If the power button is still working, press and hold it until the phone powers off. Wait ten seconds, then turn the phone back on. Wait for the phone to finish powering up, then try the malfunctioning key(s) again. If the power button is broken, you can try resetting the phone in two ways. You can remove the battery pack from the back of the phone, wait a minute, replace it, and see if this fixes the problem. However, if it does not fix the problem, your phone will not be able to turn back on. We recommend the following to reset your phone to factory defaults, however the proper keys must be working:

  • Press the menu key to display the menu.
  • Press the 0 key to enter the Setup menu, then the 4 key to enter the Security menu.
  • Press 7 to reset the phone. The phone will ask you for confirmation, press OK to confirm.

If the problem still persists, the keypad is most likely internally damaged. Follow this step-by-step repair guide, Samsung SCH-A310 Keypad Replacement, to replace the keypad.

Device Page and Guides

Listed here is the device page for the phone as well as all the guides that were mention on this troubleshooting page.

Samsung SCH-A310 Device Page

Samsung SCH-A310 Inside Screen Replacement

Samsung SCH-A310 Outside Display Replacement

Samsung SCH-A310 Antenna Replacement

Samsung SCH-A310 Keypad Replacement

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