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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

Samsung Gear Live Troubleshooting

Find out some solutions to common problems of the Samsung Gear live.

Watch won't turn on

The watch will not respond or show any sign of powering up.

Dead battery

If your watch won't turn on, most likely the battery is not sufficiently charged. Attach the charging cradle to the back of the watch (opposite the faceplate). Make sure that the charging cradle firmly snaps into place. Plug the micro-USB connector from the charger into the cradle. Plug the charger into a working AC outlet.

Defective battery

If you've followed the charging instructions and the watch's battery does not charge, you may have a defective battery. See "Watch not charging."

Watch not charging

The watch will not charge or will not hold a charge.

Charger not plugged into a working outlet

Make sure the charger is plugged into a working AC outlet. If you're traveling, make sure that your charger is compatible with the local power source. When the watch charges properly, it will show a battery icon on the screen.

Charger not connected properly

The watch does not accept a connection to a charger directly. You must first attach the charging cradle. The cradle snaps onto the back of the watch. Make sure that the cradle is properly aligned and clicked into place. On the side of the adapter is a micro-USB connector. Make sure that the micro-USB plug on the charger cable is firmly inserted into the connector.

Defective charger

The charger may be defective. Try using another charger.

Defective battery

The battery may be defective or worn out. Batteries allow a limited number of charge/recharge cycles. Typically, rechargeable batteries last a couple of years or more, but the lifespan varies with the type of battery, device, and operating conditions. A guide for replacing your Samsung Gear Live's battery is available here.

Watch not vibrating

The watch is not vibrating or is vibrating poorly.

Vibration not enabled

Make sure that the watch is set to vibrate.

Defective vibrator motor

Inside the watch is a tiny motor with a weight attached to its axle. The weight is off-center. When the motor spins, the off-center weight causes the motor (and in turn, the watch), to vibrate. The motor or motor cable assembly may be defective. A guide for replacing your Samsung Gear Live's vibrator motor is available here.

Watch doesn't display an image on the screen

The watch has nothing on its display screen.

Watch isn't powered

Make sure that the watch is properly charged and powered on.

Watch heart rate monitor not working

The watch doesn't record the user's heart rate.

Improper setup

Check to see if the watch is positioned correctly. It may not be tight enough on your wrist. Make sure that your wrist is not damp or dirty, as this may interfere with the infrared light from the sensor. Also make sure that you are using the built-in heart rate monitor application, and not a third party application. If this still does not work, the heart rate sensor may be faulty. See "Defective heart rate sensor" for details.

Defective heart rate sensor

The heart rate sensor may be defective. It is located on a removable daughterboard inside the watch. A guide for replacing your Samsung Gear Live's heart rate sensor is available here.

I think this page looks good. Have you run it by the iFixit staff?

Dan Brown - Responder

hey 2 years back i got a galaxy gear. i used to use it with galaxy mega mobile. now as the android version on galaxy mega is updated, gear is not connecting with it. can any one help me fix it

shakeel ahmed - Responder

My Samsung gear live would not charge....The problem goes as this....The little android green robot came on as I was turning it off....it read "don't turn off, updating so I comply. ..at this point I can't get my phone to go to no menu at all...it stayed on like that till the battery drained...The next two days I trying to charge the phone but to no avail...not charging...I don't see any way to combat this problem. .m what can I do?..please reply.

errolboxill65 - Responder

why my gear watch sm-v700 keeps rebooting & starting up

mellemell2010 - Responder

Despite my efforts, my Gear Live watch is refusing to turn on. I've gone through customer support and achieved no success (obviously, that's why I'm here) except the offer to pay a fee and send it back which I might take up that offer but I would like to see if anyone else has the same problem or any solutions before I shell out money for that.

So far I've:

-Let it sit on a wall charger for 3 hours

-let it sit connected to my laptop for about the same amount of time

-cleaned off the charger and contact points on the back of the watch, no corrosion to either (in fact, the watch is in nearly new condition minus my numerous fingerprints :P)

-tried three different cables and wall chargers

- opened up the watch, reseated the battery, put it back together and tried again, still to no avail

- opened it again, took out a multimeter, got nothing the first time charging it, second time after charging it, it showed 3 volts.

Anything anyone can do would be helpful

Thomas Young - Responder

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