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Olympus C-765 Troubleshooting

Camera won't turn on

Begin by making sure the battery is fully charged. Also check that there is a battery in place. Take out the battery and reinsert it making sure the orientation is correct with the battery leads facing the back of the camera.

When the camera turns on yet the LED light on the front of the camera is not working, it can be replaced refer to LCD guide, for step by step instructions.

Battery Leads

It may be necessary to clean the actual leads inside the battery compartment. Using a solution of about 2-3 tbsp baking soda and a little water on a Q-Tip to lightly scrub the metal leads.

Card issues

Camera says card is full, yet the card isn't

Bad Card

Take out the card out of the camera making sure the orientation is correct, before reinserting the card.

Another option is to Reformat the card (Warning will clear the card of all contents). The reformat option can be found in the menus i.e. press the center directional button>mode menu>card>card setup>format. Turn off the camera then turn it back on.

One of the last possible options is to purchase a new xD-memory card.

Camera taking blurring pictures

Turn off, then turn back on to reset the camera, otherwise when taking pictures hold down the shutter button partially to allow the camera enough time to focus.

There may not be enough light in the situation, using the flash will raise the shutter speed reducing blurriness. If the flash is not working properly refer to the repair guide for replacing the Flash assembly.

Worst case scenario the lens assembly may need to be replaced, please refer to the guide on replacing the Lens.

Green lines on the pictures

This could be attributed to the actual shooting process, green lines may be an indicator of sun flare off the lens. When shooting the camera it is important to remember to not point the camera towards the sun to avoid this issue in the future.

The problem may not be in the photo themselves but in a bad LCD screen, to replace the screen follow the steps here.

Viewfinder Problems

Looking through the viewfinder either shows all black or is blurry and unusable.

Viewfinder won't turn on

When using the camera either the viewfinder or the LCD can be used at one time. The button on the bottom right-hand side of the LCD toggles between the two different view ports. The button looks like two parallel with a square in between the lines.

Viewfinder won’t focus

If while looking through the viewfinder the image is blurry yet the pictures are still in focus either on the LCD or after upload then the Viewfinder needs to be focused, there is a small black focus wheel directly to the left of the viewfinder eye port. Adjust this wheel either up or down till the image becomes sharply in focus.

Working slowly

If the camera is running sluggishly, switch the camera off, wait a moment, then press the power on again to let the camera reset. If the problem persists, restoring the camera back to factory settings may fix the issue. Press the center directional button>mode menu>setup tab>my mode setup>reset>my mode 1>all reset.

If the restoring was unsuccessful, refer to the guide for replacing the camera's Mother Board.

Another possible solution may be to replace or clean the image sensor inside the camera, to gain access to the sensor follow the steps provided in the Image Sensor guide.

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