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Nokia 2630b Troubleshooting

Phone Won't Turn On

Despite your best efforts, the phone will not turn on

Make Another Attempt

Try to turn on the phone one more time. Make sure to hold the "End Call" button (the button marked with a red phone) for at least five seconds in order to be sure that the problem lies in the hardware.

Drained Battery

Your phone might simply be out of power. Even without active use, the Nokia uses up power. Plug in the Nokia 2630b charger into a standard household wall socket and insert the charger jack into the phone (the opening is found on the right side). Let the phone charge for an hour, then try to turn it on again. Do not leave the phone charging for more than three hours. If the phone continues to be unresponsive, you probably have a dead or faulty battery and will have to replace it.

Faulty Buttons

Even though you are pressing the "End Call" key, you might not actually be pressing the underlying button. Remove the keyboard and hold the "End Call" button for at least five seconds. Preferably, use a soft, small object, such as a pencil eraser, to make sure you don't damage the buttons.

Screen Problems

The screen is damaged or unusable

Cracked Display Cover

If your plastic display screen is cracked, you will have to remove it and replace it with a new screen. Take care when removing and handling the damaged screen. Depending on how extreme the fracture is, the display screen may break and cause injury.

Faulty LCD Screen

Your phone might have turned on, but the screen is not lighting up. This may indicate that your LCD is damaged or broken. Check if the keys of the phone are lighting up at any time. If they are, then most likely the phone is on, but the screen is broken. A broken LCD screen needs to be replaced. However, due to the architecture of the phone, this is not a very viable option and is not advised.

Camera Does Not Work

The rear-mounted camera will not function normally

Connection Problem

If the picture-taking function on your phone does not activate, the camera may be disconnected from the phone. This will likely happen one of two ways. The camera key may not be pressing the camera button. Remove the camera key on the bottom-right side of the phone and press the underlying button using a small, soft object so as not to damage the button. If the camera still does not function, the camera may be disconnected from the computing chip of the phone. If this is the case, the chip will need to be replaced. [link]

Faulty Lens

If the images taken are registering into the phone but are blurry or black, there may be a problem with the camera lens. First try to wipe the lens with a soft cloth to remove any dust, dirt, or grease. If this does not work the lens may be broken. In this case, because the camera is mounted on the Nokia's computing chip, the entire chip will have to be removed and replaced.

No Service on Phone

When activated, the phone cannot make or receive calls


Before you take apart the phone, make sure that the problems you might be having with service are not the fault of your service provider. Check to make sure you are using the phone in close proximity to cell tower, close to service hot-spot, or can otherwise confirm that the problem is not lack of service.

Antenna Problems

If you've confirmed that your problem is not reception, the fault most likely lies in your phone's antenna. The antenna of the Nokia 2360b is a loose L-shaped part and can be found inside the phone near the back-mounted camera. The antenna might be damaged, loose, and may even simply be missing. In each case, the antenna will need to be removed and replaced or put back into place.

Windows 10: Nokia 2630 - not function-why?

Standa Janda - Responder

PC showes right connection, unpossible to download files from NOKIA to PC and back.

Standa Janda - Responder

Well, does exist a new driver for W10/Nokia 2630?

Standa Janda - Responder

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