Minolta Dimage Xt Troubleshooting

The Camera Is Off ¶ 

Press and hold for three seconds to see if the camera will turn on.

Battery Is Not Installed Properly ¶ 

Check to make sure the battery is properly installed. If the battery will not charge, or the charge will not last more than a few pictures, it is time to replace the battery. Check to ensure the battery is in place and the cover is secured. Otherwise, the camera will not turn on. See Battery Installation Guide.

Battery Is Not Charged ¶ 

Check to see if the battery is charged. Either connect the battery to charge, or use the AC adapter to power the camera while taking pictures. A "Low Battery" warning appears when it is time to be charged again.

The Memory Card Is Faulty ¶ 

Memory Card Is Not Installed Properly ¶ 

Check to make sure memory card is facing the correct direction and properly locked in place. See SD Card Installation Guide.

Memory Card Software Is Faulty ¶ 

If "000" is displayed on the screen, the memory card is full.

Either replace the memory card with a new card or delete pictures from the card to make room for new pictures. The size of the pictures can also be changed through settings to allow for more room, if needed.

Memory Card Has No Remaining Space ¶ 

Check to see if memory card is full. You can put in the computer to see room. If full, either remove photos from the SD Card or buy a replacement. See SD Card Installation Guide.

The Outer Casing Is Faulty ¶ 

If the camera's exterior casing is broken or damaged, replace casing to protect the internal parts from exposure and further damage. See Casing Installation Guide.

Shutter Will Not Release ¶ 

The shutter protects the camera lens while not taking pictures, but it could jam or fail to open while taking pictures. See Shutter Disassembly Guide.

Jammed Capture Button ¶ 

The capture button is blocked by debris that entered the casing or by a damaged spring underneath the button. See Capture Button Installation Guide.

The Display Screen Is Faulty ¶ 

Wires Are Not Connected Properly To The Screen ¶ 

Sometimes, the wires connected to the LCD screen come loose and will cause it to appear faulty. However, if the camera's LCD screen is still blank, cracked, fuzzy, or striped, it is probably best to replace the whole LCD screen. It is a whole component, so you cannot just replace the screen.

Change LCD Screen ¶ 

The LCD screen is held inside the camera by the bracket. It is an easy replacement once the outer casing is removed.

See Minolta LCD Screen Installation Guide

Flash Doesn't Work ¶ 

The camera takes pictures, but the flash does not go off while taking pictures.

Check Settings ¶ 

Check to see that the flash is set to go off when you take a picture.

Replace Flash Bulb Battery ¶ 

The flashbulb has its own power source located right beneath the flashbulb housing that can die, leaving your flash disabled. The battery is in a round cylinder that is directly connected by wires to the flash bulb housing. To identify, the battery will say "300v" and "Photo-Flash" on the side.

See Minolta Flash Bulb Battery Instillation Guide

Replace Flash Bulb/Housing ¶ 

Replace burnt-out or broken flash bulbs. This can usually be identified by looking at the flash without disassembly.

See Minolta Flashbulb and Housing Installation Guide

This guide will also show you the wires that connect the flashbulb to the camera.

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