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IBM WorkPad c3 Troubleshooting

The IBM WorkPad c3 is the very close cousin to the Palm V and Vx, differing only by brand name and body style.

WorkPad doesn't work

The WorkPad display will not turn on, no matter what buttons are pressed.

Battery issues

Defective Battery

If your WorkPad doesn't turn on even after charging for multiple hours, it could be that the battery itself has gone bad. This is a very easy fix if you follow our battery replacement guide.

Defective Charger

Less often the problem could be that the IBM WorkPad c3 charger is faulty. This can be checked by attempting to charge the WorkPad with a different charger. If the battery successfully charges, and the WorkPad turns on, the problem is with your charger.

Software issues

Some problems on the WorkPad can easily be cleared by performing a hard reset. To do this:

  • Hold down the power button on the WorkPad
  • Insert the end of a paper clip into the hole labeled Reset, located on the back of the device, and press the button inside.
  • Release the power button when the Palm logo appears on the screen.
  • Scroll Up to erase all data and complete the hard reset.

LCD issues

The IBM WorkPad c3 could appear to be not working due to a broken or defective LCD. The LCD takes some work to repair, but can be done if you follow the LCD replacement guide.

WorkPad isn't responding correctly

The screen turns on, but the buttons I press don't do the right thing

Digitizer issues

Digitzer drift

The digitizer is the component of the WorkPad that deals with tracking what the user is pressing on the screen. Occasionally, the digitizer will "drift". This means that the touch screen registers touches slightly off center. This can result in the wrong buttons being pressed when using the touch screen. Commonly this can be fixed by a hard reset. To perform a hard reset, see the section above labeled "Software issues".

Stylus pens

Errors can also occur if you are using the touch screen incorrectly. Verify use of the proper stylus pens provided on both sides of the device.

Faulty digitizer

If the touch screen still does not function properly, it is probably due to a broken or faulty digitizer. Replacing this is about as hard as replacing the LCD screen, so it is highly suggested that you follow the LCD replacement guide.

Problems still exist

Nothing so far has helped...

Bad motherboard

If problems are still existing, it could be due to a bad motherboard. This is a fairly major problem, and should not be taken as an easy task. If you are still willing to try and fix it, follow our step by step Logic Board Replacement Guide.

User's Manual

If you do not believe the problems are caused by a broken motherboard, you may consult the IBM WorkPad c3 Handbook

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