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Phone is not turning on

Low charge on battery

If the charge in your battery is too low, it will not power the phone. The first thing to try when you phone won’t turn on, is to charge your battery. Plug the phone into your wall outlet and leave for 10 minutes, then try to turn it on again. If that does not work, leave for another 20 minutes and try to power on.

Dead battery

If charging your phone didn't make it turn on, the battery is probably dead. If a battery won't take a charge from your wall outlet, it can't get any power to pass on to your phone. In this case, you may need to replace your battery. See our battery replacement guide here.

Battery not connected properly

Sometimes an impact to the casing of the phone will unconnected the battery from the mother board. In this case, take out your battery and replace it back in the the same space. Use our battery replacement guide here.

Motherboard is messed up

If all else fails, your mother board needs replaced. Follow our steps provided here to replace your motherboard.

Battery not holding charge

Check the phone settings and the battery overall usage

Try to manage the running applications to consume the battery usage.

Preform a reboot to the phone

Enter procedure for rebooting device here.

Make sure phone software is up to date

Check your HTC One Max software version, and keep it updated.

Replace the Phone charger

Offer information about where to get a new phone charger.

Change the battery

If all else fails, change the battery. To change you battery follow steps on this guide.

Fingerprint Sensor issue

Clean touch ID sensor

Apply a small amount of cleaning agent to a lint free cloth and lightly wipe the screen

Add multiple prints of your finger

Entering multiple versions of the same fingerprint enhances pattern matching.

Reboot Device

Enter procedure for rebooting device here.

Proceed to replace fingerprint sensor

If you have tried everything above then follow the directions in replacing fingerprint sensor guide.

Rear camera not working

Check the camera settings and camera status. Try to switch mode of rear camera

In Settings try turn on camera and see which camera turned on rear or front. Also you are able to see status of your camera there.

Restart the phone

Restart the phone and check your rear camera again.

Make sure nothing blocking camera

Look at your rear camera and check it, sometimes cases or fingers blocking camera and you see black screen.

Check your rear camera's lens.

Look at lens on your rear camera and change it if needed.

Re-install operation system on your HTC One Max

Download "HTC SYNC MANAGER" on http://www.htc.com/us/support/software/h...

Check motherboard for damage on it

Open your HTC One Max. Look on your motherboard. Change it if damaged.

Change rear camera

Change you rear camera if needed.

Microphone white noise

Restart the phone

Restart your phone. It will reboot microphone and get read off whit noise

Clean your microphone

Clean microphone by special tools

Re-install operation system on your HTC One Max

Download "HTC SYNC MANAGER" on http://www.htc.com/us/support/software/h...

Change your microphone

Your microphone is broke, it needs replaced.

WiFi Connection issue

Check that your WiFi is on.

If your WiFi is not turned on, it can not pick up the networks around you.

Check for available network.

There needs to be an available network in range to receive internet from.

Try to reconnect to the network

Sometimes this needs to be done because the password could have changed to something different then what your phone has saved. Reconnect by selecting forget in the network list and reconnecting again.

Do a reboot for the phone.

This will fix any software issues inside the phone that is stopping your WiFi from connecting.

Do a reboot for the router

This will fix any software issues inside the router that is stopping your WiFi from connecting.

Check your device band that your are using are both 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz.

The frequencies of the router and phone WiFi receiver need to be compatible.

Enable "Best WiFi performance."

This may fix any residual issues the other fixes could not.

Why my re camera can't start...

Anas Tazz - Responder

Why come my htc one max keep loosing signal i haft to keep hitting the back of my htc so tha my signal bars appear again who can help me with my problem

Donnie Cross - Responder

My HTC one max keeps switching off and back on all day non stop

emmanuel-olufade oluwagbenga - Responder

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