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HTC Excalibur Troubleshooting

Broken Screen

The display screen is either physically damaged or will not display information.

Drained/Dead Battery

What seems like a broken screen could simply result from a drained or dead battery. Make sure the phone isn't just off and make sure the battery is charged. Try turning on the phone or plugging in the charger for the battery.

Replace Display

If the display is physically broken, replacing it is the next option.

Phone Refuses to Turn On

After holding the power button and charging the phone, it still will not turn on.

Drained/Dead Battery

In the event of the phone shutting down and refusing to power back on, there are a few possible issues. The first check should be to make sure the battery is charged by plugging it in. If this does not fix the issue, another possibility is that the battery itself could be broken or dead. In this case, a battery replacement will be in order and can be purchased.

Logic Board Malfunction

Another reason for the phone refusing to power on could be an issue with the logic board.

Phone Will Not Charge

The phone no longer charges when connected to a power source.

Faulty Power Source

The phone may encounter the issue of not receiving a charge when connected to a power source. Confirm that the device is properly connected to this source. Next, confirm that the power source itself is operating. If connected to a wall outlet, try a different outlet. If this offers no solution, a battery issue is possible.

Battery Failure

The phone's battery may have failed. If the phone does not turn on or receive power when properly connected to a working power source, the solution is to replace the battery.

Data Becomes Corrupt

There are corrupt files such as partially downloaded files that cannot be deleted or the phone boots then immediately reboots.

Corrupted Files

Often if a download is interrupted the downloading file can be corrupted. Try deleting the corrupted files and re-downloading and installing them. Other corrupted files may retain their size even after the contents have been deleted. If they are unable to be deleted or continue to use up large amounts of space after deleting, hard resetting the phone may be necessary to clear the files.

Windows Image File Corrupt

If the operating system itself is corrupt (freezing, constant rebooting and crashing may be signs of a corrupt system files) re-installing Windows 6 will be necessary.

Phone Becomes Unresponsive

The phone starts to behave sluggishly or freezes.


If the phone is unresponsive, it could be faulty hardware. However, it could just as easily be a software issue. Try doing a soft reset of the phone (turn the phone off then back on). If this does not resolve it is likely a hardware issue. If the issue is temporarily fixed by a soft reset but persists it is likely a software problem and the phone may need to be hard reset to fix it.

Keyboard Failure

A unresponsive phone can be a result of a broken keyboard. If other functions and buttons besides the keyboard it is likely the keyboard. If the keyboard was damaged or no longer works, cleaning the keyboard and checking the connections may fix it. However if that does not work, the keyboard will likely need to be replaced.

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