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Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Troubleshooting

Poor Print Quality

Part or All of Document not Printed on Page

This problem might be the left edge guide is adjusted wrong. Slide the left edge guide against the left edge of the paper, but not too tightly. For photo printing, make sure the printable side of the paper is faced up. The printable side is usually whiter and brighter.

Distortion, Banding, or Mixed Colors

It may be dirty printer heads. The printer has a self cleaning mechanism, and the problem should go away after cleaning. Make sure the printer is turned on, not printing, and has sufficient ink (red ink light is off). Hold down the ink button for about 3 seconds to initiate cleaning. It should take about 2 minutes.

Out of Ink

Faded print or missing colors may indicates low level of toner in the cartridge. Replacing the cartridges will fix this issue. Please see the guide for replacing an ink cartridge.

Dirty Components

To have consistently good print quality, the printer needs to be cleaned occasionally. Light cleaning for dust and ink spills can fix the issue. See this guide on how to clean the printer.

Software or Connection Issue

Make sure drivers are up to date and check external connections. Try printing from another program. See the software section to update drivers.

Dirty or Damaged Print Head

Large ink smudges, missing colors, mixed colors or distortion even after cleaning may indicate a damaged or overly dirty print head. Follow this guide to take out the printhead.

Printer Jammed

Paper Jam

Paper is stuck in the printer, and it is unable to come out. Taking the paper out will resolve this issue. Please refer to the guide for paper jam.

Chronic Paper Jams

Paper EJ Frame Assy might be damaged, causing the paper ejection function to fail. Check for damage and replace the Paper EJ Frame Assy by following the guide to replace Paper EJ Frame Assy.

Indicator Lights

Red Paper Light On and Green Power Light Flashes

If printing on paper, it is out of paper. Reload paper and press paper button to resume printing.

If printing on CD/DVD, the CD/DVD tray not inserted. Insert CD/DVD tray then press paper button.

Red Paper Light and Green Power Light Flashes

If printing on paper, there is a paper jam. Press paper button to eject paper. If it doesnt work, follow the guide for paper jam to fix it.

If printing on CD/DVD, the tray has not ejected. Pull out the tray and press the paper button.

Red Ink Light Flashes

An ink cartridge is almost depleted. Check which cartridge needs replacing.

Red Ink Light On and Green Power Light On

An ink cartridge is depleted. Check follow the ink cartridge guide to replace it.


Missing Driver or Software

To download the latest driver and software, visit the Epson Stylus Photo 1400 page.


The printer software is capable of checking ink levels for each cartridge, initiating self cleaning (same as holding ink button on printer), and aligning print nozzles. The software is usually located at the printer section of your computer's control panel. Make sure the latest software is downloaded from the site: Epson Stylus Photo 1400 page.

No one seems to ask this question: Why won't the CD tray insert into my Epson 1400? I followed instructions but it stops solid about halfway in before the arrows line up. I really need this thing to work!

techno17 - Responder

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