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Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station Model A1034 Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station

Forgot Network or Base Station Password

"You cannot log into your network because you can't remember your password."

Reset the Router

Resetting the router will allow you to create a new password so you can connect to your router.

The first step is to use a straightened paper clip to press and hold the reset button for one second. If you hold the reset button for longer than one second you may erase your network settings. On your computer select the AirPort network and open the AirPort Utility. Click on AirPort in the toolbar, then Base Station. Select your base station and from the menu choose manual setup. Here you will be able to enter a new password. Click on wireless and choose the encryption method you would like to use for the wireless security. Click update to restart the base station and load the new settings.

AirPort Extreme Isn't Responding

"If you try to make make a connection but cannot find the AirPort."

Check the Power Supply

Try unplugging the AirPort then plugging it back in and see if it responds. If this doesn't work you will have to reset the AirPort to factory settings.

Return AirPort Extreme to factory settings

Use a straightened paperclip to press and hold the reset button for about 5 seconds until the status light flashes quickly. Your AirPort will be reset with the following settings...

  1. The AirPort will receive its IP address using DHCP.
  2. The network name will be Apple Network XXXXXX where the XXXXXX is replaced by the last six digits of the AirPort ID.
  3. The base station password will be "public"

If this doesn't work, unplug the AirPort and press the reset button while plugging it back in.

AirPort Extreme Status Light Flashes Amber

"This means the AirPort Extreme is not receiving an internet signal."

Make sure that the ethernet cable is plugged into the AirPort properly. If it is not the ethernet cable, try unplugging your modem and waiting a few seconds to plug it back in. If the light is still flashing, there may be a problem with your internet service provider.

Network Printer is Not Responding

"If you have a network printer set up and cannot print try taking these steps."

Make sure the printer is properly plugged in to the USB port on the AirPort and both the AirPort and printer are turned on. From your computer, make sure the printer is selected the Printer List window. If your computer is not on the list you will need to click Add Printer and follow the instructions. You may need to turn your printer off and let it start back up again.

Replace USB Port

If you are still having issues using your network printer it may be due to the USB being loose or non-responsive. Refer to the replace USB guide to solve this problem.

AirPort Extreme Sends a Poor Signal

"If you are connected to your AirPort but the signal strength is low"

Check the Placement of the Router

The Placement of your AirPort can greatly affect the signal strength seen by other devices. Your AirPort should be in an open area where there are few obstructions such as walls and furniture. If the AirPort is behind furniture, you should keep at least an inch of space around it. Metal surfaces will reflect the signal causing the signal to be seen as weak. If the AirPort is near an entertainment center, keep the cables as distant as possible. The final recommendation is to keep the AirPort away from microwaves, cordless phones, and other sources that give off interference.

Replace the Antenna

If you are still receiving a weak signal, your antenna may need to be replaced. Refer to Apple AirPort Extreme Model A1034 Antenna Replacement.

Replace Internet Card

If replacing the antenna does not give a good signal, you may have a bad internet card. Refer to Apple AirPort Extreme Model A1034 Internet Card Replacement.

If All Else Fails

If you cannot find a fix for you AirPort, instead of throwing it away, you can replace the motherboard. Refer to Apple AirPort Extreme Model A1034 Motherboard Replacement.

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