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iPad Mini broken screen x2!

Francisco Troyo Rodriguez -

iPad Mini Wi-Fi

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iPad Mini Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

2 horas


Meu Problema

Both my brother and my mother broke their iPad Mini screens within a month (talk about bad luck). I was given the task to repair both.

Minha Solução

The repair went well in both cases. However, the most complicated part was getting the old screen out, since all the glass had to come out piece by piece. I had to be VERY patient to get all the glass shards out of the way, and then clean up all the old glue from the frames. I took me over 3 hours for each iPad.

However, once that was done, the rest was simple.

Meu Conselho

My advice is to be very patient removing the old screen, particularly if it is broken (like in both of my patients). Broken glass is tricky.

Also, I had to re-open one of the iPads, since the digitizer connector was not protected by electric tape on the new spare part (which was not purchased on this site). I only noticed this once I was installing the second one and saw that the first one did not have that isolation. When testing the unit without the tape, the screen responsiveness was kind of unpredictable. So I had to re-open it and simply put some electrical tape over the part that folds, and then reassemble. Now everything works well again.

One thing to notice, please review carefully the spare you purchase for this. Unfortunately, in my case, we purchased the spares on another website (actually my dad purchased the spares), and they were cheap. That made me have to reopen one of the iPads and put in some electrical tape to isolate the digitizer connector. And also none of the two spares worked with the magic lid magnets. I carefully changed the magnets from the old screens to the new ones, but only after further investigation did I find that the spares we bought do no have that hardware feature... As I understand, it is part of the home button assembly and cable hardware that comes with the screens, and the spares I used did not have it. But everything else works okay.

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