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If your replacement lens assembly does not include a CCD (sensor), you can swap the CCD from the old lens assembly to the new one.

Carefully scrape 5 glue dots from edges of CCD on old lens assembly.

Remove 3 screws securing CCD to back of lens assembly and remove CCD, noting any tiny brass washers/spacers that may be present where screws were. Remove CCD, being careful not to touch or get dust on sensor surface.

Carefully remove rubber infrared filter gasket and infrared filter (small rectangle of bluish glass) from back of old lens assembly & install on back of new lens assembly.

Install CCD on back of new lens assembly (may or may not need to use brass washers to get alignment right for correct focus).

Note: S100 & S110 CCDs are not interchangeable - ribbon connector for the S100 lens assembly is larger, & does not fit on the S110 board connector.

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