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Background Information and Identification

The iHome iH9 was originally released in July 2007. It is compatible with most iPods and iPhone models, featuring a first generation, or 30-pin, dock connector. However, an adapter can be attached to connect newer devices with lighting ports

The iH9 features an AM/FM radio and external AM antenna, an alarm clock with a dual alarm and a programmable snooze setting, and a universal docking station to charge and play music from mobile devices

To identify the device model, flip the device to face down. A small text box near the center displays the iHome brand in the upper left corner and model number iH9 in the upper right.

The iH9 sports a unique button layout above the snooze/dimmer bar. The iH9 has 8 circular buttons while the iH2-iH8 models have 8-12 slim, rectangular buttons. The LCD is white-on-black; older models used black-on-light blue LCDs. The iH9 is available in white, black, silver and pink.

Technical Specifications


  • 4.8 (H) x 11.8 (W) x 10 (D) inches
  • 4.6 pounds


  • 3.5mm stereo
  • 30-pin Apple device connector
  • AM/FM Radio and antenna
  • 3-prong AC power adapter


  • Wireless remote
  • 90-day manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Does NOT control or charge 3G iPod


Something wrong? Visit the troubleshooting page for quick fixes.

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