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Please visit the device troubleshooting page for any issues you are experiencing with this camcorder.

Background and Identification

The Vivitar DVR 781HD is a portable camcorder released in 2014 and capable of shooting pictures and videos on the go. Video recordings are shot at 720p resolution, with individual images taken at 5.1 megapixel resolution. This camera features a 4x digital zoom and 1.77 inch display. This camcorder is available in blue or silver and comes with a element proof clear case. Also included in the package are Vivitar software, a USB cable for connecting to your computer, a helmet mount, and a bicycle mount.

The camcorder model can be identified by the writing on the front case to the right of the lens. No major recalls have been made on this product at this point. Issues concerning SD card reading and software issues have arisen with little information available.

Additional Information

Vivitar's Online Support

FAQ For Vivitar DVR 783HD, a similar model to the 781HD.

One Year Warranty Information

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