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Background Information

This Audio System, model SRS-XB30, was released by Sony on 2/14/17. The identification of the device can be seen on the writing located on the bottom of the device. It is still in production currently in 2018. The features include single touch bluetooth pairing with NFC, enhanced sound through extra bass mode, and water resistance for portable listening in any environment. The built in microphone allows you to accept hands free calls, complete with 24 hour battery life. The device has an internal rechargeable battery. Some of the distinguishing features include the light weight at 2.16 pounds, with its dimensions at approximately 8.98” x 3.23” x 3.39”. The Bluetooth specification is version 4.2 and the Bluetooth has a range of 32.81 feet. It comes in four colors and there have been no major recalls of this device.

Additional Information

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