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If you are having trouble with your Polyconcept 900-MHz Retro Cordless Telephone, please refer to the Polyconcept 900-MHz Troubleshooting page.

Background & Identification

The Polyconcept 900-MHz Retro Cordless Telephone was first available on Amazon.com on October 16, 2011 and is originally sold at Pottery Barn in a variety of colors primarily targeting teens.

According to the original device manual, the 900-MHz Retro Cordless Telephone is a wireless home communications product that is designed by Polyconcept and is originally sold at Pottery Barn stores. The purpose of this device is to provide users with the enjoyment and convenience of a unique and retro-style telephone. Users should be able to make phone calls and receive phone calls with this wireless telephone, which also has a Caller ID feature.

The 900-MHz technology is equipped with special features, such as:

  • Extended Range- The use of 900-MHz frequency band for signal transmission between base and handset, which means greater communication range compared to conventional 43-49 MHz cordless telephones.
  • Ultra-Low Noise- The high frequency communication feature significantly reduces noise levels, such as background noise.
  • 40-Channel Auto/Manual Scan- This device uses one of 40 channels in the 900-MHz frequency band. It automatically selects a clear channel every time a call is received or a call is placed on the handset. This feature improves phone calls made by providing the best channel for you at the time.

The 90-MHz technology is also equipped with a special feature, the COMPANDER PLUS Noise Reduction, a technology that reduces the background noise and allows clear telephone conversations by enhancing the following features:

  • Caller ID and Caller ID with Call Waiting
  • 40-number Caller ID list
  • 10-name/number directory
  • Receiver volume control
  • 3-line trilingual display
  • Ringer On/Off switch
  • Low battery warning

Additional Information

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