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Identification and Background

Nintendo released the Game Boy Advance SP, model number AGS-001, on March 23, 2004. A newer version, model number AGS-101, was released in September of 2005. The major difference between the two versions is that the original Game Boy Advance SP has a back-lit LCD screen and its successor has a front-lit LCD screen. The device's model number can be found on the back cover above the battery cover. There is a black box with a barcode inside it. In the top left corner of that black box there is a group of information including model number, power rating, and battery specification. The first one says MODEL NO. AGS-XXX. This is where you will find your model number.

Distinctive features of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP that set it apart from the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and other Nintendo products of the time include the folding screen, the brightness control, the visual graphic quality, and the rechargeable battery. The Game Boy Advance SP was the first of Nintendo's handheld devices to implement a rechargeable battery instead of disposable batteries.

The Game Boy Advance SP is the predecessor to the Nintendo DS. They share similar qualities, such as the folding screen, rechargeable battery, and Game Boy Advance game slot on the front-bottom edge of the device (assuming the device is held as pictured). However, the Game Boy Advance SP can be easily identified in comparison to the DS. The Game Boy Advance SP lacks the the bottom touch screen, DS game slot, and stylus. The DS is also much wider and more rectangular than the Game Boy Advance SP. Plus the Game Boy Advance SP can play original Game Boy Color games while the DS cannot.

Additional Information

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