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Background and Identification

The Hoover LiNX is a high performance, compact, low-profile cordless vacuum cleaner. There are 4 models of this device, the BH50005, BH50010, BH50020, BH50030. All the models of this device have overall the same components. The vacuum is 43.5 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 11 inches deep. The vacuum is black and silver with a red central baffle filter. There is a switch button on the handel that will allow the vacuum to be turned on. There are 7 lines of vent holes of alternating small and big holes on the plastic silver portion on both the left and right side of the vacuum right above the dirt cup. The vacuum uses an interchangeable slide in fade-free lithium-ion batteries. The battery slot is located on the black ridge on the front face of the vacuum right above the dirt cup. A red Hoover logo and LiNX model is directly under the battery slot.

The vacuum can be used on multiple floor surfaces from carpet to hardwood floors. The Hoover LiNX uses Hoovers WindTunnel® 3 Technology which uses three channels for suction to suck up debris. On the vacuum base there is a black bottom nozzle cover in the shape of a triangle with the words “Power Brush Windtunnel Technology” on the front end of the nozzle. In order to easily fit under counters and in tight spaces it is designed with a low profile base. The weight of this device is 7.3 pounds. This device has had no major recalls. This device model information sticker is located on the silver base behind the dirt cup. The major features of this device is its very slim frame, no cords attached, and the battery is interchangeable. The known failure modes are lack of power of suction, wheels breaking, button breaking, motor getting stuck, unresponsive power switch and clogging.


For help on troubleshooting your device click here, Hoover LiNX Troubleshooting Page

Additional Information

A link to the manual can be found here


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