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Can you replace the HDD with SSD in the 2012 mac pro

I have just bought the 2.6ghz version of the macbook pro with a 750GB HDD and i was wondering if it is possible to replace the HDD with an aftermarket SSD preferably 250GB to 500GB. I know it is possible to remove the superdrive and put in a second SSD but i use the superdrive quite often.

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The title says mac pro but the question is about macbook pro, please note that there is a mac pro unit which is totally different from macbook pro. Please clear up this ambiguity if possible.


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Yes, it is very easy to install an SSD. Most 2.5" SSD drives will fit and work in your MacBook Pro. You can buy and one of these SSD drives from this link:

Some are upgrade kits and others are external dries so make sure you are getting a SSD and not and external drive. This guide will work for your device:

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Late 2011 Hard Drive Replacement

I do not think that you will need pentalobe screws so you should check the screws on the bottom of your laptop.

Hope this Helps.

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Just use the screws from the magnetic HDD you are replacing, because the SSD drive will need to sit inside the MacBooks HDD chassis mount.


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