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Versão renovada do iPhone 3G com velocidades de processamento mais rápidas. O reparo deste dispositivo é semelhante ao do 3G e requer simples chaves de fenda e ferramentas de abertura. Modelo A1303 / 8 GB,16 GB ou 32 GB de capacidade / Parte traseira em plástico preto ou branco.

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Why won't my iPhone 3GS turn on?

My iPhone 3GS (32 gb) randomly turned off last night and now it won't turn back on. I know it was at least 70% charged the last time I used it, but I wasn't using it when it randomly turned off.

I tried to charge it with my wall adapter, car adapter, and I tried hooking it up with USB to my laptop and nothing has worked.

Do you think this a battery issue since it doesn't even show a "charging" symbol when I plug it in? It is an older phone and I've never replaced any parts on it.

I want to avoid having to restore since I will lose all my data and photos (which wasn't properly backed up the last time I connected to iTunes). :( Please help!

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OMG! Myabi I am having the exact same problem. I was putting my iPhone 3GS on charging. after 35 seconds, I realized it was not charging. I TRIED ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! it just won't work and to make matters worse, it doesn't show the battery sign on it. not even the red one. Coincidentally, my battery was also 70%charged when I plugged it into my wall charger.


Buy a new one. I suggest the 5S because is the latest one.


i got a problem too with my iphone 3gs. it does charge but it doesnt turn on. :(

what should i do?


I'm having this problem in September of 2015. Yes, I'm probably one of the few people still using 3GS. Hard reset worked, btw. Still a good phone.


I'm having a same problem with you i don't know what should i do i have a lot's of files on my 3GS its hard to know what can i do on it.


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It will be difficult to avoid restoring your phone. I would suggest putting the phone DFU mode and then restore it. Since you want to avoid restoring, you can also try a hard reset and see if that makes a difference. To complete a hard reset...

Hold the sleep/wake button at the top right and the home button at the same time.

Hold them until the screen goes black. You may even need to keep holding them after the red power off slider appears. If it does, just keep holding the buttons.

Once the Apple appears you can let go since your phone should now be rebooting.

If you see no change with that, then I suggest replacing the battery. It is possible that your battery is at the end of its life cycle and no longer holds a charge. Of course there are plenty of other options, but they would all require you to restore your phone. The guide for the repair is here. Definitely back up your phone more frequently...:)

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Thank you! Yes I'm at all costs trying to avoid a restore! The first thing I did was try to reboot but since it was already completely off, the screen does nothing! I'm hoping that since it won't charge or turn on at all, it's just a battery issue. I did notice that it becomes drained pretty fast during the day when I'm using it.

Thank you so much for the repair link!


I had the same issue, and mysteriously the battery was also at 70%! i tried the hard reset and it worked. thankyou!!


Hard reset worked


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Maybe try downloading f0recast-v1.3 it displays all the current info about your iPhone but it waits for your phone to connect. if it does not then it may be a dead phone.

2nd option

Change the battery. but purchase a legit OEM battery

they are more expensive but well worth it.

3rd option

Try looking at the bottom connector if any dirt is trapped then clean. or replace the dock connector , not expensive.

4th option

Try the reset 10 seconds power down with holding the home button. keep doing it till something happens might not work though.. but may be that your battery just gave out. so needs replacing

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Thanks Dayne! I'll definitely try all this out! I receieved this phone second hand almost 2 yrs ago, so it has some wear and tear and the battery is definitely old.

One more question - how can I make sure it's an OEM battery? Which retailers sell legit ones? (Sorry this is a dumb question - I'm not tech-y)


I'm probably a bit late, but iFixit sells great batteries right here. I'd go with them


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Just charge the barttey for 2 days to start the fresh Line up i tried and it work because the suddenly dead cells of the barttey Cells are dead mostly overcharging or overheating

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Does it really work?


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How do u fix an iPhone but the screws fell out and the battery fell but when I charge it the apple logo shows

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I have too but my home button doesn’t works and there’s no sign

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