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Mid 2006 / Model Number: A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor

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Short ribbon cable that goes from the mouse button. Is that right?


Mine are U9E

While Apple considers this Vintage the Apple Depot repaired this MacBook 6 months ago including replacement of the Top case and Ribbon Cables. Fore details go to

No boot chime, no image on LCD, no image on external display

I just want to make sure that I understand you correctly. The brown Top Case to Logic Board Ribbon Cable in your link looks exactly like the one in my MacBook. The numbers match those in the picture. There is another brown, short ribbon cable that goes from the mouse button to that cable. Is that the one you say cannot be replaced? There does not appear to be a way to do it. The one in my MacBook is folded over itself just before the point it goes under the metal cover for the track pad. Is that the proper orientation? The fold looks to be sharp and a likely place for it to tear.

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I think you should open a question by yourself, though. That would allow people to see it more easily. I'd tell something here.

I too had a Core Duo under setup under an AASP. Vintage, basically, means that they're allowed to work on it only until they've got spare parts for it, and no AASP will get fresh ones.

Even on my TopCase, recently bought, the small "square" hole shows a piece of cable with a small fold on it. But until it works, I don't complain.

So, if your repaired laptop works, don't bother of anything else but avoiding bulging or damaged batteries, since they rub under the mouse button disrupting its operations.

If not, you can tell me what's wrong in a question.


Macbook Core Duo, built on May 16, 2006, code MA255LL/A , A1181 (EMC 2092), MacBook1,1, MacBook "Core Duo" 2.0 13" (White), 2.0 GHz Core Duo (T2500)


A description of the problem is posted separately here: No display, onboard or external


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By the way, you own a Macbook Core Duo, built on May 16, 2006, code MA255LL/A , A1181 (EMC 2092), MacBook1,1, MacBook "Core Duo" 2.0 13" (White), 2.0 GHz Core Duo (T2500)

Basically, the white version of my current machine.

Fact is: if you break something like the logic board, the bottom case and other specific parts, you've got to reach for the used market. Other parts, like the LCD panel, the iSight, the Top Case with keyboard are in common with the more recent Core2Duo model, still supported. You could, for example, replace your SuperDrive with an 8x, or, according to iFixit, get the Top Case of the latest Macbooks, the ones with the iTunes keys.

Let's say offical support for a vintage machine is totally in flux, at the mercy of the technician and its supplies, and Apple Depot has a steady flow of supplies.

And yes. I mean that you can replace easily the cable going from Top Case to Logic Board, but there's no way you can reach the cable from mouse button to the rest of the Top Case. I've seen people selling the flat piece of logic behind the Trackpad, but that entails a work of butchery that destroys the Top Case making it unusable...

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