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There's nothing much to say about me. Class 1983, lawyer by trade, dabbling with my electronic appliances by hobby.

Actually, it's more than an hobby. I staunchly believe in preserving our resources, and keeping my stuff alive for a long period of time is a way to avoid unnecessary costs and spare earth from having other non-biodegradable materials to consume.

Also, since I need knowledge, I also hunger for knowledge. As a kid I enjoyed a garden in the warm months, thus I read whatever I can find about gardening. Moreover, if I happen to meet a case involving, let's say, constructions, I try to give myself knowledge about constructions. Same thing for every branch of human knowledge I happen to meet.

I wish I could learn more, but I bump over my limitations. Well, at least I can remember something, and if I can put the something at the service of someone else, I've made my day.

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