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The Canon EOS 40D is a 10.1 MP digital single-lens reflex camera released in August of 2007.

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Camera not formatting CF cards

I have 4 Compact flash cards one of which was in the camera EOS 40D and was working

I removed the flash card to transfer data to my Win 11 when i replaced the flash card back into the camera there was a message "CF card not formatted Format card with this camera" which i did and another message "Cannot format change the CF card" which i did.

Still the same messages

I then formatted all 4 cards through the computer and got the same messages on all 4 cards

The cards are

Canon FC-32M, the original card

ScanDisk 256MB

Extreme 128GB 120MB/s which was the card i was using in the camera

Extreme Pro 32GB 160 MB/s brand new

I have checked the pins in the card slot and they are fine

My feelings are that its the camera or camera soft/firmware as the new card should have just slotted in

Any help i would be grateful

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Hi @neilbennett,

What format did you use when using Win11?

Most camera cards get formatted in either FAT32 or Fat16 format.



Tried FAT32 and exFAT on all of them


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If they formatted in Windows and won't format in the camera, then it has to be a camera problem as you surmise.

See if you can run a test on them in Windows. I doubt that will show anything, since all 4 can't be corrupt.

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