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The Ridgid Drill/Driver is a drill made by Ridgid that is used for general uses like tightening screws and drilling divots. It was released in 2020.

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How do I get the chuck assembly apart?

The drill stopped working. I'm told take apart the chuck assembly. When I attempt to do this i encounter an odd-sized torx bolt (somewhere between T40 & T45) holding the assembly together. How do I loosen this?

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Well, the motor engages but the chuck doesn't spin. Just a kind of grinding sound. Ridgid says to disassemble the chuck. That's what I'm trying to do.


The bolt in the drill is not an M6. It looks like a torx bit (slotted, but not phillips or star).


@capncarl M6 is the thread size and not related to the screwhead. Have you tried and Allan wrench key to see if that fits


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@capncarl I am a bit confused by that. Happens quite often and not your fault :-) You are referring to disassembling the chuck itself or to get the chuck off the shaft? The chuck is fastened with a Left-Handed Thread M6 bolt. I am not sure how the disassembly of the chuck would fix this. Well, let me rephrase that. Since we do not know what it is that your R860054 does, or does not do, it is somewhat hard to imagine that this is a chuck error. Give us more details about the issues with it.

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You can always post images of this bolt with your Question. That way we can see what you see. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

UPDATE (05/10/2024)

@capncarl sure enough, that looks like a Torx; T40 to small and T45 to big. Any chance you can get a bite on the screw with either one of those? Try a flat tip screwdriver across the Torx and see if you get a bite on the screw with that. Remember to use the steps Ridgid recommends

The chuck may be removed and replaced by a new one.⏎
 Lock the switch trigger by placing the direction of rotation selector in center position.⏎
 Insert a 5/6 in. or larger hex key into the chuck of the drill and tighten the chuck jaws securely.⏎
 Tap the hex key sharply with a mallet in a clockwise direction. This will loosen the screw in the chuck for easy removal.
 Open the chuck jaws and remove the hex key. Using a screwdriver, remove the chuck screw by turning it in a clockwise direction.⏎
NOTE: The chuck screw has left hand threads.
 Insert the hex key into the chuck and tighten the chuck jaws securely. Tap sharply with a mallet in a counterclockwise direction. This will loosen the chuck on the spindle. It can now be unscrewed by hand.

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