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The Dell Inspiron 3537 laptop is a compact workspace that is oriented toward the average consumer.

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My amd not working is there is any way to replace it

My amd graphic card is not working

When I open a game it is all black or its popping green dots on the screen

When I trun it off the game works good. But loses a lot of performance

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Is it all games or just one game?

Check to make sure your drivers are up to date.


I deleted all the the old graphic card drivers with (ddu) and install the new one

And Still the same. it is all the games.


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@eslamrayan we really will need to know what the requirements for the games, that you are wanting to play, are. Your computer may default to the Intel Graphics. Try to disable that in your Device manager. Always make sure that you have updated your Bios software as well as updated the Intel video and your AMD. Also, try your HDMI port with an external monitor. See if that changes anything.

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