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The Weinmann SomnoComfort 2 is a medical grade CPAP-Therapy machine created by Weinmann Medical Technology. This machine is able to be used in hospitals or for at home care. It is also known as the WM 24400 and WM 24465.

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Pressure sensor for Weinmann Somnobalance

Hi. My machine is now faulty and according to a local (South African) repair technician, apparently needs the pressure sensor to be replaced. Are you able to advise where I could buy such pressure sensor?

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@zaheerjhetam besides the great answer by my colleague @vauweh, I'd like to add that you might benefit from the Weinmann SomnoComfort 2 Service Manual You will find out that your pressure sensor is a 0-25 hPa Type GMSD 25 MR and the Weinmann part number is WM 23930

A lot of official places will not sell you the part but will request that it is being ordered/replaced by a BioMed Tech.

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Weinmann now is Loewenstein. Ask them.

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