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it is blinking red light 6 times

My tv model KD-65X7400H it is blinking red light 6 times when remote power but on it blinking green light but screen is not coming.

Please suggest some solution.

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@tirumalmunagala looks like your 6 blinks is related to the backlight. It could be a failed power supply board (backlight inverter/driver) or teh backlight LED strips. Your TV will create the 6 blink pattern when the LED strips pull too much current. It will shut off and give you the errors.

You can measure the voltages on the backlight connectors on your power supply. Or you can get an inexpensive backlight tester and see if you have a burned out LED on your strips.

It might help if we can see what you see. Remove the backcover from your TV and then take some pictures of each board. Unplug your TV of course. Do not touch anything on your boards until the capacitors have been discharged. Post those with your Question. that way we can identify things that you might be able to check for voltages to your backlight.

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