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old land line ran from house to back yard shed

I purchased a house recently that has a line ran from the house to the back yard shed. Due to recent storm tree had knocked the wire down and is hanging on a branch in the back still connected to the house. Does anyone know who would remove safely?

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Hi @nise42805

You should be able to remove it yourself.

Locate the telephone socket inside the house and if there's only the one phone socket inside the house, then there should only be two cables connected to the phone socket.

One is coming from the street and the other would be going to the back yard shed.

Identify which cable is going to the shed and disconnect it from the telephone socket.

Then you can simply pull the cable out for the full length to the shed.

Telephone cables do not carry dangerous voltages. At most they use ~50V DC so you may get a tingle if you touch the bared wires in the cable but that's all.

Alternatively, simply cut the cable where it leaves the house to go to the shed and then pull the cable down etc to remove it. Just make sure that where you cut the cable that the wires in the part of the cable still in the house aren't left short circuited as this will prevent the phone in the house from working.

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