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Issue with Sony KD-65XH9077 - Screen Dims and Turns Off, Red Light Bli

Hello everyone,

(Please ignore the selected device; I couldn’t find the exact model I’m referring to in my post)

I’m encountering a problem with my Sony KD-65XH9077 TV and I’m hoping for some guidance or solutions from this knowledgeable community.

• This morning, when I turned on the TV, it initially loaded correctly and displayed the Home Screen.

• However, after approximately 5-10 seconds, the screen slightly dimmed and the TV turned off by itself.

• Following this, there was a blinking red light that flashed 4 times, paused, and then repeated.

• I tried unplugging the TV for about a minute and then turning it on again, but the issue persists with the same pattern.

Troubleshooting Done:

• Unplugged and replugged the TV.

• Checked for any visible damage or loose connections.

I haven’t encountered this issue before and haven’t made any recent changes to the TV’s settings or setup. I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions on what this issue might be and how to resolve it.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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@yatigercz the 4 blink error code is commonly the LED driver failure. Sometimes and only sometimes, this can also be caused by failed backlight array. That can "trip" a 4 blink error as well. We really would need to see your boards and how they are all arranged in the back of your TV. For that, unplug your TV and remove the back cover. Then take plenty of pictures and post those with your Question. That way we can see what you see.

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Update: Problem Solved! I unplugged the TV and waited for 2 minutes, then held the power button on the TV while plugging it back in. When I turned it on, there was an update in progress with a warning not to unplug the TV. However, the update seemed stuck for over 2 hours, so I eventually unplugged and replugged it again. Surprisingly, everything is now working as it used to. I’m hopeful this fix will be permanent.


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