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Repair and additional information for the LG Refrigerator LFXS26596*, a 2018 model that offers automatic defrost and Wi-Fi connectivity, but does not include an ice maker or a through-the-door dispenser. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern LFXS26596*.

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Fridge Ice Maker Not Cooling/Making Ice

Model Number: LFXS26596S/01 ASTCNA0

About a week ago, our compressor was replaced (covered by warranty) but our fridge ice maker has not worked since. Our freezer ice maker works just fine. The fridge ice maker has been turned on and reset multiple times and no luck. I even replaced the ice maker tray assembly. I feel like it is something to do with a fan in the freezer that is not working to bring the cold air into ice maker. I have been looking but I cannot find the part or part # to replace it. I am looking for any help to find the part or replacement part # in order to get it order. I been on a millions sites but I am just not having any luck. Any help would be appreciated.

Update (04/08/24)

UPDATE: There was no error messages but the door ice maker didn’t work after the compressor was replaced about 5 days prior to me posting for help. I read or saw in a video to change the freezer temp to -6 (the coldest setting). About 12 hours later ice started to form. I swapped back the new ice maker with the original one and it still worked. Had about a full bucket in about 12 hours. Not sure exactly if it was freezer temp or maybe a loose wire in the harness when I was swapping units. Wish I knew but I tried so much that I honestly don’t know. Hopefully this might help someone in the future.

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Hi @crunchbang44

Here is the service manual for the refrigerator series - see p.1 to confirm that your model is listed in the manual.

See p.21 and check if there's an IF E error code being displayed. If there is see p.38→p.39 for how to test the ice room fan etc.

If the fan is faulty then here's a parts list that is useful as it shows the manufacturer's part number for the ice room fan i.e. ABA74248415. (supersedes ABA74248410) Usually the part number will be on the fan if you wish to confirm what the part number is.

Search online for the manufacturer's part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

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