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"Some applications are unavailable due to internal error"


My recently-inherited Sony XBR-65X900a TV has began to display the message "Some applications are not available due to internal error. Refer to the i-Manual for more information". It happens every time I turn on the TV. It also plays when I launch certain applications (like the "a" clock). How do I fix this?

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@lappy48614311 sounds like a software/firmware issue. Possibly caused by Sony ending support for the software. Check on here and see if that helps you with the current software you have.

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So, according to the website, it says the software update support ended for my TV. But is there any other way to have it not appear? I've also noticed that the icons for the apps (YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc.) are old. So that could possibly be the reason it's not updating.


@lappy48614311 sure looks that way. Since there is no more support, not much you can do about that. Possibly go through the TV settings and see if you cancel the Apps that are no longer useable. Also, see if there is a setting on checking for updates or auto update and turn that off, if you can. You may have to learn to live with those pop-up messages.


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