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KD-55XE9005 4 red light and TV restarts after some time.

Hello everyone,

I have a similar and yet a bit different issue with 4 blinking red lights.

We were out of home for a few days and after we came back and switched on our TV, it went out with 4 red lights blinking on it. The weird part is we can still switch it on and it even worked for 40 minutes after I did a hard reset.

I've tried a hard reset 5 more times but the issue is still there. It doesn't switch off right away but rather after 10 or 20 minutes and those 4 blinking red lights are coming back.

I even managed to update it to the latest software from the menu so the TV is working, but something is triggering that internal error.

I've noticed that once just before it went off, the backlight was briefly blinking in the upper right corner of the screen.

I came across a suggestion that I should try to run it with the backlight switched to the minimum and see how it goes. So far, after almost one hour of testing, the TV works just fine.

So I'm assuming that the issue could be related to LED backlight strips or something that's delivering power to them?

Is there something else I could test or which parts I should replace?

What makes it even more bitter is that my mother recently bought a brand new SONY OLED TV with a 55-inch screen for 2.5k euro and apart from deeper blacks and better colors, you'll be hard-pressed to find much difference in image quality.

So I really don't want to invest in a new TV just for deeper blacks and brighter reds sort of speaking...

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Hi @allidsarebusy

Here's a link to the TV power LED diagnostic indicator chart from the service manual for your model showing the what a 4 blink count means.

Here's the 4 blink troubleshooting flowchart that shows what to test to try and isolate the problem when it occurs

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Hi @Jayeff

Thanks a lot for your reply. I assume i need to open my TV from the back and test it with multimeter?

Also as of now my TV works fine with brightness settings set to the lowest value, can i make any assumption about what part of my TV can be faulty from that?

Thanks a lot in advance.



You will have to open the back.

Be aware that there is exposed potentially lethal AC voltage on the power board when the TV has power connected to it, so be careful.

Testing may be the best option as it could be any of the 4 components mentioned by the flowchart i.e. tuner module, B board, LD board or the panel because lowering the brightness means that you may be placing less stress on a component to function correctly.

I've never worked on this model so I don't know but following the chart may point to to the right place.

Better than guessing anyway.



Hi there!

I came back from vacation and started my TV quest.

It seems that the issue is with Inverter board.

But now i have an issue with ordering one. On my board i have following info:

LD 35 0499956

A2166063B PKG1001

SSV A4 180125A

But i only managed to find the following boards for sale:

inverterboard LD35 A2166063B SSV B4 PKG1001 1-981-827-12 198182712

Inverterboard LD35 A2166063A SSV B4 PKG1001 1-981-827-11 198182711

Main difference is that i have SSV A4 and both of those boards have SSV B4 in their marking.

Can i use one of those boards for my needs?

Links to both products.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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