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Electrosurgical generators supply the power for electrosurgical units (ESU) are essential for electrosurgery.

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Why is the neutral plate of Electrosurgical generator Keep alarming?

Neutral plate error showing on the screen even after I checked the plate it's self and the internal connection. As soon as you connect the neutral plate, it seems to work correctly but after few seconds the error will occurred.

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Did you check the outlet and the buildings ground? A cheap outlet checker might be enough to discover if the outlet has a wiring problem.

You will likely need an electrician to fix the buildings ground. It might be fleeting as it can be a bad device or junction box wiring shorting to ground.


Thanks for your nice responds, will try out this points.


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@epieroland17984 "I checked the plate itself and the internal connection" how did you check those and what ere you findings? What exact make and model is your unit. Most common errors are a cracked board, failed solder connections and corroded, damaged etc. connectors. Try a different Neutral plate to rule the one you have out as the cause.

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