Sony 55XE9005 TV malfunction, ... it blinks four times

My Sony 55XE9005 TV has a malfunction, after a few hours of operation it blinks four times.

I tried a factory reset from the TV menu, I tried a reset from the buttons on the TV, power and volume down, when the green led appears, but in both situations the problem persists.

It works for a few hours, then it goes into error, I turn it off and sometimes it works for a while, and in some situations it stops working, it flashes 4 times continuously.

The codes on the LED Driver board are: LD35/ 0081223/ A2166063A/ PKG1001/ SSV/ A4/ 1700329A.

What can the TV have?

Thank you.

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Hi @saimarica,

I've moved your question to a new question on ifixit so that it will get more attention as you posted it in an answer to a question in a 3 year old thread.

Did you follow the flowchart as posted in the link below to see where the problem may be, you never said? It may not be the LD board, it may be the B board.

XBR-55X900E Four red blinks..



Multumesc frumos!


Try to reboot the TV by disconnecting the mains lead for two minutes, then turn on the TV. The reference guide says that can help. Keep in mind that this is a reference guide for all the following model types:

TelevisionKD-75XE90xx / 75XE85xx / 65XE90xx / 65XE85xx / 55XE90xx / 55XE85xx / 49XE90xxFW-75XE90xx / 75XE85xx / 65XE90xx / 65XE85xx / 55XE90xx / 49XE90xx


@markusnorstroem I tried this option several times, in vain.

I just bought a led driver board, and I want to replace it, maybe I'll be lucky.


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