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2.3L 4cyl or 3.0L V6, 6th Generation

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Car won’t turn on. Clicking sound no crank or turnover

i have a 2002 honda accord dx and when i try to turn it on it just clicks, no crank/turnover just one clicking sound when you try to turn the car on. This started on Thursday 3/21/24. After looking underneath the hood to listen out where the clicking sound is coming from, it’s coming from the starter.

at first I didn’t have any check engine lights on but based on the videos I took it seems like at some point in time it did come on but then eventually it when off. The 1st day which was Thursday no check engine light but yesterday it seems the light came on and if I recall correctly it’s a possibility it came on prior to me changing the ignition switch and after I changed it I no longer had a check engine light. i checked the battery, tapped on the starter a couple of times, I also tapped on all of the relays under neath the dash, changed the starter relay, tried jumping the car and made sure the fuel pump is engaging (which it is) and none of that has worked. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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@blackjack46479 make sure that you have good ground. Older vehicles are really bad for ground connections. After that, you want to check your starter. I would suggest you try to hotwire your starter and see if it is even working. All you need is to jump the positive connector on your starter with the cable coming from your starting circuit. So, pull that cable connector, use a relatively thick wire and place it where that cable connected and then the other end to positive. That should get your starter to kick in and over :-) Use something like this video to see what I am referring too. You can do those things with your starter in place. Make sure that your car is in neutral. I'd hate to find out you ran yourself over while testing this.

Now, with that said, you have to make sure that you check your neutral switch. If that has failed your starter "thinks" your vehicle is in gear and will refuse to start.

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This is the way a starter works:

Turning ignition key applies voltage to the starter solenoid - usually inside the bump on the starter. The starter solenoid then activates. That is the click that you hear. The solenoid wire is relatively small compared to the starter wire. The starter wire is the very heavy wire coming straight from the battery. That wire usually has a high current fuse in it.

The solenoid will activate with a bad battery, but the starter won't turn as it takes too much current. If you turn your headlights on and they dim to nothing when you hit the key, it is a battery problem. If they do not dim, it is a starter problem.

Continuing.....The solenoid has 2 windings, both activate initially, then one drops out to hold the solenoid in. If one of the windings is open, the solenoid won't pull in all the way and the starter won't run. You will get a weak click sound. It may occasionally pull in and run the starter. I had this problem once.

When the starter pulls in all the way, it shorts two high current contacts and applies the battery voltage to the starter. The starter then turns. Those contacts could be bad/corroded.

The high current fuse could be blown. You can test this, if you can find it.

You could have a problem with the starter cable, or corroded battery contacts.

The starter winding could be open. You can't get to this point to test unless you disassemble the starter.

SO, do the headlight test first. If very dim, check for corrosion on the battery terminals.

If they don't dim excessively, then it is likely the solenoid, but check the high current line to the starter b4 you pull the starter.

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