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Sony KD-55XE9005 TV turning off after 10 seconds


I have my Sony KD-55XE9005 television turning off after 10 seconds of displaying an image, with 4 lights blinking regularly. Where can I find the service manual, please?

Update (03/04/24)

I followed Sony's official diagnosis in the service manual and replaced the tuner card. Unfortunately, this did not fix the issue. The diagnosis now suggests replacing the BMKS card, which is considerably more expensive, but there are no guarantees of success. I came across other forum messages stating that even replacing this card does not resolve the problem. I'm afraid I might have to purchase a new television.

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Hi @alexa9672,

I think that your TV has a chassis model number of GN1T but not 100% sure of this.

Check if you can find this or a similar number on a sticker somewhere on the inside of the back cover or somewhere on the chassis of the TV. If a different number search online for (insert chassis number) service manual to hopefully find one.

If it is the correct number then unfortunately a 4 blink error code (see p.8) doesn't indicate what the problem is. Also the blink error codes only pertain to when the TV is first started and not when the TV has already turned on OK even for a short time and then fails.

Did you try a power refresh at all, just in case it is a software problem? Disconnect the power to the TV and then press and hold the TV's Power on button for 30 seconds and then release it. Reconnect the power to the TV, turn it on and check.

Just verifying that there's been no damage to the screen at all e.g. small crack etc? With some other Sony TVs a 4 blink code can sometimes mean a faulty screen. Just checking.

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Thank you for your response. After several searches, I found the service manual for the X900E series, which seems to correspond to my model. My chassis is GN3TR. There is a diagnostic page that indicates "LED BLINKING 4X (LED VOLTAGE ERROR AND BCM ERROR)." They provide instructions such as "Check “+1.8V_TU" at C464 on BMKS board Voltage > 1.78V." What does "+1.8V_TU" mean? I understand that I need to check the voltage at the terminals of component C464 to see if it is greater than 1.78V. I haven't tried the hard reset yet.



I don;t know for sure but presumably +1.8V_TU is a test reference point where the voltage must be >1.78V but presumably not more than say 1.85V or thereabouts.

If it is <1.78V you would need to track back from C464 to see where the voltage is coming from.

C464 may only be a handy access point along the path that is used to turn on another component etc.


@alexa9672 I have the 3 read blinking lights with this exact model. The manual points to main board as most likely issue. I have another on the way. Is this generally the fault in your experience? Repair manual also points to JK board and speakers as possible cause.

Also OP, did you get yours fixed?


I've conducted the voltage test, and when the fault occurs, I find 0 volts. The diagnostic diagram then indicates a tuner problem, which I replaced, but the fault persists. Subsequently, the diagram points to the main motherboard, which unfortunately I couldn't find for less than €150. I didn't want to invest more into a TV that's already 7 years old, especially since replacing the part doesn't guarantee the TV will work 100%. So, I decided to dispose of the TV and bought a new one instead.


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